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We need announcers, to send a CC of their public events (no extra work, just another CC)

We welcome any and ALL legitimate model rail announcements, pertaining to No. Central Pennsylvania.  This can be shows, sales, open houses, layout photos, club event photos, or any other club publicity that you want the public to see.

When you send a copy of your announcement to the 'Railnet' Yahoo group, it automatically creates a "web page archive" for your message -- so that your announcement "lives forever".

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To get "posting privileges", please contact the volunteer moderator, James Ingram.  He will add your email address as a 'subscriber' to the group, then give it 'posting privileges'.

  • Note: Unfortunately Yahoo will NOT allow us to add email addresses such as "info..@", "sales@..", or "admin@.."; so we are "stuck" whenever someone is using that address for their announcements.